As the design progresses and major components are identified, we will review the lead time and if required make recommendations on advanced purchasing to ensure timely delivery. Throughout pre-construction we will hold coordination meetings to keep all team members abreast of everyone’s process with their activities. As documents progress we make it a practice to periodically review the drawings with the local building officials. This eliminates any big surprises once the drawings are complete and submitted for permit.Pre-construction planning is a vital component to a successful project. Our pre-construction goals are as follows:

  •   • Establish a pre-construction schedule acceptable to all involved by determining the client’s expectations. 
  •   • Identify key issues that need to be considered throughout the process to help provide precise cost analysis
  •   • Provide options and alternatives for the client’s consideration and to aid in assembling the most effective trade contractor team
  •   • Ultimately provide the best possible plan for construction of the facility


We will develop a pre-construction schedule that will outline:

  •   • Overall pre-construction timeline 
  •   • Responsibility of activities for each team member
  •   • Time frames for owner review and design
  •   • Outlines the permitting phase and bidding phase