"The working relationship with Allen+Batchelor was fun, it was enjoyable. We really appreciate Allen+Batchelor helping us achieve this dream."

Kyria Jefferies
   Broker / Executive Vice President of Berkshire Hathaway
"Allen Batchelor went above and beyond the call of duty. They never made you feel inadequate when asking a question..."

Cynthia Hill
   Executive Director of Westminster Memory Care
"Its been the easiest construction project I've been involved with and I've had a few under my belt" - David Seaton past CEO of a Global Construction Company"

David Seaton
   past CEO of a Global Construction Company
"I can't tell you the number of times I have told clients how important the choice of the project team is to the success of their projects.  Now I know from experience on 656 just how true that is!  We could not have been more fortunate than to have had Allen+Batchelor managing the construction and historic renovation for us.  The personal attention to every detail, the selection of quality subcontractors, the professionalism, and construction expertise are just some of the qualities we experienced throughout the project."

Reid Pannill
   Vice President of Business Development, Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
"I am privileged to write a reference letter for the outstanding company, Allen+Batchelor Construction.  This company is lead by seasoned professionals who truly take pride in their work and the communities where they deliver their trade.  We have had opportunity to work with Allen+Batchelor on multiple construction projects both in Georgia and South Carolina.  From interface with architects, to value engineering, to time commitments and finished product this organization is tops.  The employees of Allen+Batchelor Construction work as a team and embrace the owner's project with enthusiasm.  They are a pleasure to work with and have earned our respect time after time."

Dennis B Skelley, PT, MSA, FACHE
   President/CEO Walton Rehabilitation Health System
"Through these projects we have found Allen+Batchelor to be extremely professional and honest.  They are attentive to detail and quality, and approach construction issues quickly and efficiently.  These qualities have led to happy clients and repeat business.  I am confident you will find them to be one of the top contractors in the state."

Joseph Gambill, AIA
   VIRGO GAMBILL Architects
"Having built a 60,000 sf medical office several years ago in a different city and position, I can clearly and unequivocally recommend Allen+Batchelor Construction as an excellent choice for a building contractor.  (Their performance, follow through and knowledge was significantly superior to this other large construction company.)"

Jeffrey H Small, PA, MHA, CMPE
   Administrator - Pediatric Partners of Augusta, LLC
"We have enjoyed working with Allen+Batchelor Construction since 1999.  We were so pleased with the entire process of building our Evans office that we have recommended them time and time again to other medical groups and have used them to design-build 3 additional projects for us.  We particularly like the fact that the principle owners, John Allen and deVane Batchelor, are fully involved managing their projects.  I also appreciate the way the administrative aspects and financial transactions are handled making it as easy as possible to keep track of large construction budgets."

Jim Larson
   Vice President for Operations, Center for Primary Care, PC
"I found Allen+Batchelor to be an extremely competent and professional company, always concerned about satisfying the client's needs while delivering the project on or below budget.  No matter how complex the project, they find ways to solve the problems with simple, straightforward solutions.  I can say that we have never had any type of adversarial situation arise on any of the projects they have performed for us.  They have always worked as partners to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful and well build project.  In summation, of all the general contracting firms that we have worked with over the past thirty years, I can safely say that Allen+Batchelor is at the top of our preferred list and we look forward to a continued relationship in the future."

Cameron B. Scott, Architect, A.I.A.
   Cheatham, Fletcher, Scott Architects