Lookaway Inn – Camelia Event Center

Project Details

The Camelia Event Center is located at the historic site of Lookaway Hall – a landmark in North Augusta, South Carolina. This project is a perfect example of an intricate and distinctive project that A+B excels at. A+B was challenged with having to complete the project prior to Masters week all while not interfering with the bed and breakfast business on site that had to remain open. To add to the challenge, the site is extremely tight, and there are several rare species of Camelia that could not be harmed during construction. A+B was involved early on to help meet the owner’s budget through a vigorous value engineering process. Even though the project had a tight budget, A+B was still able to keep the architect’s vision alive through the ornate details such as the detailed exterior fa├žade and vaulted ceilings lined with tin ceiling tiles. This event center was needed for Lookaway Inn’s business, and it also provides a medium-sized event space for the growing City of North Augusta.

Project Specs
North Augusta, SC
Square Footage
McMillian Pazdan Smith