Georgia Radiation Therapy Center

Project Details

Augusta University brought the A+B team on early in the design process for this unique and technically challenging project. The project included renovating portions of the existing Georgia Radiation Therapy Center, adding a CT scanner, adding HDR (High Dose Rate) therapy, and building a new addition to house a new Linear Accelerator (LINAC) along with support spaces. The project had to be completed in multiple phases in order to not impact existing operations. This project required extensive coordination and planning in order to ensure all details were properly executed and coordinated with AU staff and vendors.

One of the many unique and technically challenging aspects of this project was the Linear Accelerator vault. Due to the strength of the radiation treatment, the Linear Accelerator was installed within a vault that had 2 foot thick walls lined with 3″-4″ of lead shielding and a roof that was 3.5 feet thick. The lead alone weighed in excess of 265,000 pounds. To put this in perspective, the lead shielding requirements for a typical x-ray machine is only about 1/16″.

This type of unique and technically challenging project are what we excel at.

Project Specs
Augusta, GA
Square Footage
2KM Architects