Dermatology Specialists of Augusta

Project Details

This project consisted of building a new freestanding medical office building in the Evans Town Park development. Just prior to the start of construction, the owner tasked us with reducing the overall project costs by 8-10%, while not impacting the overall design and functionality of the building. Working with the designers and subcontractors, we quickly assembled a detailed value analysis list that met the owner’s goals. The project features carefully constructed wood and stone accents that temper the more functional aspects required by the practice. The facility contains physician offices, a skin cancer lab, treatment rooms, exam rooms, nurses’ stations, and all the required support spaces.

"The construction process was very smooth and was actually completed AHEAD of schedule! I am proud to say my building was built by Allen+Batchelor Construction and wholeheartedly recommend them for your next project!"
Sanders R. Callaway, MD
Project Specs
Evans, GA
Project Owner
Sanders R. Callaway, M.D.
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Virgo Gambill Architects