Christian Heritage Church

Project Details

Allen+Batchelor was selected by the church during the design phase based on our reputation for building quality religious facilities.  One value added service that we provided during pre-construction was helping the designers and church achieve the desired look and project goals all while reducing overall construction costs.  This allowed the project to be financially feasible as well as allowed the church to accomplish more than originally planned.  The end result is a great Children’s Facility and Gathering space that will serve the church well as they continue to grow.  Additionally the project tackled many site, utility, parking, and grading challenges that plagued the church for many years.  A+B touched nearly every part of the site to fix these challenges but by working with the church we were able to not impact their Sunday services, Wednesday night activities, nor any other church activities.

Project Specs
Graniteville, SC
Square Footage
CDH Partners