Burke County ER – Renovation & Addition

Project Details

Burke County Hospital Authority approached Allen+Batchelor with a problem. Their dilemma, another contractor had given the hospital a price for the design and renovation/addition to their Emergency Department a year prior. The hospital had raised money for the project; however, when they re-approached this same contractor they would not honor the price previously submitted. A+B quickly assembled a team of professional and found a way to meet the hospitals goals and requirements for the project for the amount of money they had. This Design+Build project consisted of completely renovating and adding onto the existing Emergency Department. A+B had to create a space for a temporary ER while the renovation/addition took place. this project required extensive coordination, planning, sound control, dust & infection disease control as work took place within the confines of a fully functioning hospital.


Project Specs
Waynesboro, GA
Virgo Gambill Architects