Barney’s Pharmacy

Project Details

This Design+Build project situated in the heart of Grovetown is a unique facility which contains retail pharmacy space as well as clinical space. Having both spaces under one roof required careful planning as both spaces had different requirements as it relates to a level of finishes, systems, storage needs and client flow patterns. This was a design+build project where the full compliment of pre-construction services were provided from the onset. This full package of pre-construction and construction management services employed on this project allowed the client to focus on his business and not his construction project. Complete communication and interface was accomplished with set recurring meeting that could be planned around. The result of this integrated project delivery was a fabulous building that met the needs of the client and maximized his time during construction to allow him to meet his work schedule demands.


Project Specs
Grovetown, GA
Project Owner
Barry Bryant
Square Footage
Definitive Designs Group, Inc.