Our business atmosphere is teamwork.

 Working for Allen+Batchelor is a chance to join a team of individuals who care about quality, integrity, value and each other.  So often, companies forget their roots.  They forget what it is to pay attention to the details, the quality workmanship and the people who help them grow and flourish.  Working for deVane and John is special because they remember.  They remember to show their employees their appreciation.  They remember to stay in communication with their Superintendents.  They remember to make themselves available to their staff, at all levels, even when they are inundated with estimating new projects, participating in community fundraisers or on the road between meetings at project sites or with potential clients.  John and deVane remember that the culture of A+B starts with them.  In order to be successful as a company, one has to remember that those you employ are the face of your company.  Happy employees tend to smile and a smile is contagious.  Smiles start with our employees, trickle over to our subcontractors and vendors and make their way to our clients.  Enjoying where you work and what you do and being appreciated creates a positive atmosphere for everyone.