First Christian Church of Sandersville

Project Details

This is a perfect example of a highly detailed and unique project at which A+B excels.  First Christian Church was a multi-phase project involving the reconstruction of the church’s Sanctuary which was built in 1907 and was severely damaged by a fire in 2011. The first phase involved installing a new roof structure consisting of ultra-premium shingles and copper flashings over wood decking over light gauge metal trusses and joists which were all supported by structural steel beams. Due to the roof’s complexity, we requisitioned a 3D model in order to accurately fabricate and construct it. Once the roof was re-constructed the project turned to re-creating the interior. It was a challenge to re-create the highly detailed historical look while meeting modern codes and requirements all while adding modern technologies into the extremely old structure. We embraced the challenge and successfully completed this project which the church is extremely proud of and is something the entire community of Sandersville admires.…/Letter-from-First-Christian-Church-of-Sandersville.pdf

"A+B performed exceptionally. They took an immediate and sincere interest in the building and in the congregation's needs and interests, and were on the same page with us the entire time. In every aspect of the job, they demonstrated expertise, commitment to quality, responsiveness, resourcefulness, and patience with our membership and reconstruction representatives. A+B was the hub of the entire project and is directly responsible for the successful completion of this project and extremely high quality work."
Greg Jones, Reconstruction Committee Chair
Project Specs
Sandersville, GA
Project Owner
First Christian Church of Sandersville
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Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau