Augusta Endoscopy

Project Details

This was a Design+Build project where Allen+Batchelor was the single point of contact for this busy medical group.  This project delivery method ensured that all of the owner’s goals for the project were met while keeping the project within budget and on schedule.

In addition, this method allowed A+B to explore various options and the associated costs early on so that our client could make the best and most informed decision on the overall direction of the project.  We compared and provided plans and cost information on renovating and adding on to their existing facility verses building a new facility adjacent to their existing.  Ultimately, they decided to build a new larger and improved Endoscopy Suite as phase I and then renovate their existing endoscopy suite into more clinical and administrative spaces as phase II of the project.

The new facility houses three endoscopy procedure rooms and all the necessary and appropriately sized support spaces.  The building was designed to match and seamlessly connect to their existing building giving the appearance that it has been there all along.

Project Specs
Evans, GA
Square Footage
6,040 sf