Augusta Country Club Summer House

Project Details

Allen+Batchelor Construction )A+B) was selected as the Design+Builder during schematic design to provide pre-construction and construction services. During pre-construction we provided cost evaluation, constructibility analysis and value engineering services. The project was completed on time and in budget.

The building was built to both augment and as an antidote to the more formal atmosphere of the Augusta Country Club clubhouse. The Summer House is an intentionally informal addition, built for families, functions and post-golf relaxation. Colors and material were chosen that would lend the facility the feel of a classic mid-century club while remaining very contemporary and multi-function appropriate.


"Of All the general contracting firms that we have worked with over the past thirty years, I can safely say that Allen+Batchelor is at the top of our preferred list and we look forward to a continued relationship in the future."
Cameron B. Scott, Architect, Cheatham Fletcher Scott
Project Specs
Augusta, GA
Project Owner
Augusta Country Club
Square Footage
Cheatham Fletcher Scott