Tracey Shaffer

Tracey has 30+ years of accounting experience and has been the Office Manager for Allen+Batchelor since 2012.  Tracey is an integral part of our team.  She processes employee payroll and government certified payroll.  She coordinates with subcontractors and vendors to ensure they are paid correctly and in a timely manner.  Tracey also keeps all W9’s updated, employee files current and makes sure our taxes and company licenses are in order.  With Tracey’s years of accounting experience, she is quickly able to troubleshoot problems and offer solutions to accounting issues that may not have come up before.  Tracey’s can-do attitude allows her to assist in many other areas when needed and she is excited to learn new things.  When you call our company, it is often her voice that will great you and there is always a smile in it.

Hobbies:  Tracey enjoys gardening, genealogy, camping and traveling.    

“I absolutely love my job and look forward to coming to work every day!  Allen+Batchelor is a great place to work.  This is an environment in which everyone is dedicated and has pride in the work they do.  There is a true feeling of family and I am proud to be a member of the Allen+Batchelor team.”